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Novatel Wireless MiFi 500 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot (CDMA)

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Our newest hotspot- fastest LTE speeds & full nationwide coverage

Technical Specifications

Condition New 
FreedomPop Network CDMA 
Brand Novatel Wireless 

Customer Reviews

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works as a WAP but some shortcomings
By SpeedyEddieNInja on 2017-02-25

This device gets the job done however it takes too long to turn on, there isn't an easy way to see if it is on or off. Also it takes a long time to recharge.
Great for people that don't want the monthly charge
By RandyB on 2017-02-22

I purchased one for my Aunt so she could use her Kindle for Facebook and e-mail and then bought one for myself for those times when my WiFi is down or I'm out and don't want to use my data on my phone service. Love these units and Bonanza. Thx.
Cool device
By Shawn on 2017-02-21

It has come in handy when the power has gone out with the big winter storms of 2017. I didn't realize they default you to a $30/month plan. I mistakenly thought it was free. I try to read the small print on everything I buy, but missed that. After they bill you, you can downgrade to the free 500MB plan. The type is very small, and you'll need to remember your login and password.
Good Reception In a Tough Area
By TennesseeGirl on 2017-02-20

I bought this a little over a month ago but didn't get to try it out until this weekend. We have a camper set up in our hometown about 100 miles away. It doesn't have WiFi and does not pick up many towers. This MiFi worked very well this weekend. I only visit about once a month, so just a little data gets me by. I downgraded my plan because I didn't want to pay more than I need to. I think I used less than 1GB in two days. Great to have!